Ghost of Tsushima sold 1.9m digital units in July

Ghost of Tsushima to become the fastest-selling new PlayStation IP; Pokémon GO had its second-biggest revenue month ever.

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Jin_Sakai150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Congrats to Sucker Punch! Amazing game and beautiful setting. Hopefully we get a nice port on PS5.

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GaboonViper150d ago

The game already looks next gen, imagine how good GOT2 will look on PS5. 😮

shammgod150d ago

Probably will since they are adding the multiplayer. Can’t wait for that!

Tacoboto150d ago

Hopefully we get a nice free upgrade patch on this one-month old title...

ginsunuva149d ago


Why not just BC that auto-scales resolution/framerate?

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FallenAngel1984150d ago

Sucker Punch has its new flagship series

rpvenom150d ago

Yeah and it's quite accessible to all levels of players. If you own a PS4, I'd highly recommend this game if you haven't already played it.

goldwyncq150d ago

We need a sequel in the mainland during the second Mongol invasion .

SullysCigar150d ago

So it's not niche after all?!

Awesome game.

elazz150d ago

It will probably reach 10 million sales. Probably 5 million at full price. It's far from niche. 400 million revenue generation seems like a given.

JEECE150d ago

I'd love to see it get a definitive edition PS5 release with upgraded framerates, etc. That really benefitted the Last of Us in terms of sales, and Ghost of Tsushima had effectively the same role this gen it had last gen (final big new IP exclusive before the next generation).

neutralgamer1992150d ago


I think we will get that update for free when ps5 launch alongside the co-op for ghost. I don't think we will get new releases for older games we may but for sure day one there will be huge updates for

The last of us part 2
God of war
Bloodborne (this one I am not to sure about but I know a lot of gamers would be happy if it were to receive a update that makes the game native 4k/60FPS

OMGitzThatGuy150d ago

Only PS fanboys call every game Sony releases "niche" to make the sales seem better than they are. It sold good, end of story.

SullysCigar150d ago

Wow, your edge is limitless!

You're a circle ⭕

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The Wood150d ago

he really is that guy...... jeese, sony's successes really irk some guys.

Chevalier150d ago

@OMG and Doggy

Man the salt is real here. Games may start niche. Remember Uncharted 1 on PS3 sold 50,000 in its launch month? Sony fosters these games and believes when no one else would and push the games forward anyways.

As for Doggys idiocy. Seriously the percentages game really?! Seriously the downplay is ridiculous. By that logic almost every game can look awful. Let me guess this partipation percentages Xbox give instead of sales data is better? Lol

RedDevils150d ago

Damn, you're not a clown. You're a whole circuit.

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Angyobangyo149d ago

@doggy since when do all users for a specific console all buy a console exclusive title? It must be sad being you looking up the total PS4 consoles sold then working out the percentage of who bought the game,

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CaptainHenry916150d ago

It should be around 5 million at the end of the year. Especially if they port a PS5 version

neutralgamer1992150d ago

More like 8-10 since it's already over 4 million

TheEnigma313150d ago

No PS5 version, it will be backward compatible.

BrettAwesome149d ago

You want to back that claim up with a source?

BrettAwesome148d ago

Yes...this clearly shows the problem with inbred fanboys. They're fact resistant. They'd rather feast on bullshit rather than waste time on actually doing a bit of research. But to people with too much pride, the truth can hurt.

DFresh150d ago

2.4 million (physical) + 1.9 (digital) = 4.3 million total sales
This game is going to be a 10 million seller.
No doubt.

sprinterboy150d ago

I'll probably get disagrees for this but I predict ps5 digital to be the main seller nxt gen? Infact I bet Sony are making more digital ps5 for launch than the disc version?

Eonjay150d ago

Maybe after a few years but there is still too much physical media from PS4 that people aren't gonna want to just part with.

ocelot07149d ago

I somewhat agree. I think it will be close between digital and disc sales. However, If Sony price that digital edition at a tasty price point. Even if they take a big loss on it. I think it will sway a lot of customers to go all digital.

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