Black Myth: Wukong’s single-shot camera was inspired by God of War

A 13-minute gameplay clip has given us an early peek at developer Game Science’s upcoming action-RPG, and it seems one of its key features – a single-shot style camera – was inspired by God of War.

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VenomUK91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

What I love about the demo is that it's the best indication I've seen of what next-gen games will look like in terms of detail, textures, reflections and lighting. Also, the sheer balls of the gameplay with the extravagant fights with enemies bursting with character. This is definitely on my radar.

AshleeEmerson91d ago

I completely agree. That last fight scene with the wolf thing looked incredible and the clip with them fighting in the fog or clouds at the end.... The craziest things I've yet to see out of next-gen. This excites me for the new generation!

leahcim91d ago

imagine GOD OF WAR PS5 ...!

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Slimdavey91d ago

Apparently this game is made on UE4 which I thought was impressive!