IGN:LocoRoco 2 AU Review

Yes, LocoRoco is back and it's every bit as ridiculously happy and bizarre as ever. Once again it's up to you to tilt and flip the entire world to ferry your blobby little LocoRoco creatures from point A to point B. Once again, your LocoRoco blob gets bigger the more of the little critters you come across, with the goal being to collect all twenty and get to the end with them all intact. And once again you can split your blob into its component LocoRoco at any time to get through narrow spaces.

The basic formula is very much the same, and the game even goes so far as to recycle many of the songs and sound effects from the original. This is by no means a bad thing, however; LocoRoco was a ridiculously appealing game, and LocoRoco 2 captures that fire in a bottle again. It's every bit as wildly creative, charming and insane, but thankfully, it also integrates a little more variety.

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AllroundGamer4241d ago

already finished it and i think it's even better, than the first one.