Good luck finding a decent flight stick for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has only been out for a week now and it seems since the game’s launch, people have been gobbling up flight sicks like crazy, causing a massive shortage to anyone looking to buy one.

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King_Noctis1420d ago

I thought no one play this game though.

1419d ago
nowitzki20041419d ago


I put quotation marks for a reason. I dont say that. I love MFS

blacktiger1419d ago

right cambridge dictionary.
My dictionary - Player controls a moving and interactive picturer that gives players a challenging game.
Flight Simulator is a game and a simulation. But if Flgith Simulator doesn't have anything to challenege then it's not a game/.

rainslacker1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )


Now look up the definition of a game.

1"a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck."
2. "a complete episode or period of play, ending in a definite result."

MSFS doesn't meet the first definition because MSFS isn't a form of play or sport. It does have rules and is decided by skill, but since it doesn't meet the first, and main requirement, it not a game.

It could have some loose adherence to the second definition, but it's stretching the meaning of the term to try and classify it as a game because you don't technically play pure simulations, you participate in them.

MSFS is a simulator. All video games are simulations, either accurate or not, but not all simulations are games.

There is nothing wrong with calling MSFS a simulation and not thinking of it as a game. If one wants to think of it as a game, then it's fine too, because people do have their own definitions. But the first week or two of any game design program talks about the differences and definitions of video games and simulations, and the less official version that most textbooks cite is something along the lines of a simulation that provides a challenge, typically with some form of competitive tone(either within the program or not), with an end result of success or failure....to paraphrase.

Being a simulator doesn't mean that people won't enjoy it, nor does it mean it isn't fun if you're into that kind of thing.

If say MS added in challenges of some sort, that could be constituted as a game by how most people actually think of games.

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RazzerRedux1419d ago

Are you talking to yourself again?

King_Noctis1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Are you pretending to not know what happen around here again?

RazzerRedux1419d ago

oh....so you are bringing in conversations from elsewhere again because you can't let it go? ok...got it. And no, I've not seen the posts claiming "no one" is playing this game. It is a silly claim to make and certainly absurd to repeat.

zeuanimals1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I don't think there's a huge supply of these flight sticks out there in the first place. The demand for them normally isn't high enough to justify companies manufacturing so many of them. So when demand increases due to a new, exciting game making use of them, supplies can start to dwindle fast. This seems a lot faster than usual so demand is highly likely higher than with most other releases.

rainslacker1419d ago

True. They tend to go in spurts when popular software is released that would use them. Ace Combat I recall had PS4 HOTUS from Thrustmaster sold out for a couple months, or at least with sporadic supply. Same thing happens with racing wheels. The good and half decent ones tend to sell out when a popular driving game releases, leaving only the kind of cheap ones left.

There just isn't much demand for them when there isn't software releasing, but when it releases, there is a surge. That's why you tend to see them release at about the same time as big titles, often with some sort of licensing deal attached between them and the software in question.

nowitzki20041419d ago

I needed an upgrade and got that one in Thumbnail earlier this year to be prepared for MFS

lonewolf101419d ago

I have that Thrustmaster too (got it for Elite).

nowitzki20041419d ago

Its much better than my old one, now I want a yoke though.

Kavorklestein1419d ago

How much do you wanna bet these are price scalpers buying up all the joysticks they can, so they can turn around and sell them with a $30 - $50 Price increase?
I'll bet 100 bucks.
Fuck Corona life lol

Father__Merrin1419d ago

I need to upgrade my sticks. I'm currently using a speedlink hotas that I rigged up anyone got any experience with X52's?

lonewolf101419d ago

Not directly but I know an owner who swears by it. I have the Thrustmaster in the thumbnail for what's worth.

rainslacker1419d ago

Same thing happened when Ace Combat launched. I got one after they became available again, and luckily, it's PC compatible, and decent, so I'm set for MSFS.:)


Microsoft Flight Simulator Free Airbus A380 Gets Spectacular Video Showing a Beautiful Bird

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rlow1119d ago

It’s one hell of a passenger jet. The attention to detail is impressive.

JunonZanon119d ago

One of the most comfortable airplanes on the sky, stable as a rock.

rlow1119d ago

Have you’ve ridden on one? Never have myself but would love to have the opportunity.

just_looken119d ago

The new redesign is awesome new york has 12hr flights were you can get a mini apartment to yourself bed/living room full bath.



rlow1119d ago

Wow sounds wonderful, I’ll check the links. Mahalo

JunonZanon118d ago

Yes, tried Emirates from Heathrow to Dubai. The only plane I managed to get a proper sleep haha. It is loaded with cool technology, like you can see the outside cameras on your inflight entertainment. And despite the 4 engines, it is still very quiet. Incredible!


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