Control AWE DLC: An Alan Wake Recap

Control's second expansion: AWE is due for release soon, and we saw from the trailer that Alan Wake was to play a part. Many people will never have played Alan Wake, so, I dusted off my Xbox 360 and played through Alan Wake with an eye for how it could relate to the Control universe.

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toxic-inferno468d ago

I'm still hoping Alan Wake gets a surprise re-release on PS4 on the same day as this DLC. Not sure how likely that is now!

darthv72468d ago

It would need to be remade and there has been no word on a remake/remaster but that would be nice to have. As it is, the bc on xbo is sufficient but I'd love a remake as well.

toxic-inferno468d ago

Rumours have existed for around a year that one is in development, but I still don't think it's likely. What a way to launch the shared universe though!

I may just have to play the original on Xbox before I play the AWE DLC for Control!

Minute Man 721467d ago

@ Darth

A 4K update would be nice

RosweeSon467d ago

Cannot wait for this 100% main game and foundation I’m ready. 😍🙌🏻

Sirk7x467d ago

Alan Wake, what a game.

traumadisaster467d ago

Why is there mention of getting out the x360? This game has been 4k60 on pc for years.