Persona 5 Royal’s Third Semester is Good but it Could’ve Been Better

Most fans seem to agree that Persona 5 Royal’s third semester offers some of the game’s strongest highlights, giving the story a conclusion that vastly improves upon the somewhat meandering final showdown from the original game. In many ways I find myself agreeing with this, minus a small selection of rather significant pieces of character writing that just didn’t sit right with me, leaving me feeling slightly more hollow than the ending of a Persona game typically does.

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GoodGuy09153d ago

Kasumi shouldve joined the party much earlier and yea I do agree the 3rd semester could've been better. The ending still can't beat p3 and p4s true ending routes imo. I enjoyed the game for what it was though.

Francis_Kenna152d ago

I think my frustration comes from the fact that the third semester fell just short of being truly excellent. Still enjoyed it thoroughly though.