Microsoft Flight Simulator PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide

Flight Simulator 2020 is here, and it could be this generation's Crysis. Let's have a look at the game's performance, and discuss Microsoft's latest graphical and technological showcase.

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RazzerRedux101d ago

"While this title is demanding, Flight Simulator is a game which will likely run better as the game is patched and updated over time. In the future, and Xbox version of this game is planned, as are ray tracing upgrades, confirming that the game will be upgraded from DirectX 11 to support DirectX 12. These developments will likely enable further hardware optimisations on PC, even for those without ray tracing hardware. "

Why DirectX 11 at all though? It isn't like DirectX 12 is new. Why not just use DX12 from the beginning instead of having to go back and upgrade after launch?

100d ago
Bismarn100d ago

the article writer thinks "optimization" means buying more graphics cards