OCMS: Far Cry 2 Review

In Far Cry 2, the new first person shooter from Ubisoft players get immersed into an open world environment that is utterly beautiful as it is deadly.

As the game opens, players select the character they wish to play and are treated to a lavish visual presentation that sets up the game. It is learned that the player has been sent in to kill an individual who has been setting up war in the region by supplying weapons.
No sooner does the player arrive when he realizes something is not right, as Malaria leaves them wracked and helpless, as their target gloats over them.

A quick fight follows which gets the game into motion as you become hired by a local faction to run various missions. At this point, players are introduced to allies and various locales as they run missions for payments. The local currency is diamonds and they more you earn, then the better the weapons at your disposal.

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