Why the Shadow Warrior studio is expanding into live games

From Game Industry: "Polish developer Flying Wild Hog is venturing outside of its comfort zone.

Since 2009, it's been making first-person shooters in the form of the well-received Shadow Warrior series and cyberpunk outing Hard Reset. The company certainly isn't abandoning this space, with Shadow Warrior 3 due next year, but the team was keen to avoid being pigeon-holed and offer something that appeals to a broader audience."

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morganfell231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Money. Or rather the pursuit of it.

Cajun Chicken230d ago

Why ruin a perfectly good singleplayer first person shooter studio?

Fishy Fingers230d ago

Where does it say they are? They've opened a new studio to handle the other project.

anast230d ago

Because it's more profitable for the landlord this way.