Dino Horror Goner Demolishes Kickstarter Goal

The upcoming horror game has a focus on survival and crafting mechanics as you explore a mysterious island to track down a missing relative

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Sonic-and-Crash192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

i understand the desire and eagerness for people to relive Dino Crisis games (aka Dino Horror type of games) and i m full of hype myself to see again remakes of Dino Crisis ....but i just hope Capcom to Not copy the numerous FPS Dino themed games like they did on RE7-RE8 and develop a cheap ass FPS game to grab the hype money ....

FPS perspective was the worst thing happened in RE games (at least in the canon series)

the dream Dino Crisis game would be to return to TPS -fixed cameras- Prerendered backgrounds ...Having in mind the unlimited power capabilites of the next gen consoles could literally create pieces of art in term of backgrounds (imagine the creativity potential of post apocalyptic-prehistoric environment) and offcourse perfect-ise character/enemies models that would surpass RE Remake (imo the best prerendered game to date)

ManMarmalade191d ago

Not all games need to be riddled with nostalgia to be great. Fixed cameras in games might be a bit terrifying sometimes, but First Person can be just as good, and even better. The cancelled silent hill game by Kojima proved that.

Babadook7191d ago

"RE7-RE8" are awesome and not cash grabs in the slightest.

Limitedtimestruggle191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Worst thing in my opinion was solely to design a Resident Evil game around CO-UP and extremely boring horde-mode action packed type of gameplay. Way to make a game extremely lacluster and a chore to play for us that prefer single player experiences :P