Control: Building Remedy's Shared World

Recently, Remedy Entertainment announced the AWE expansion for Control, which includes not just new content for the player to enjoy, but a tantalizing prospect of a crossover. Control's hero, Jesse Faden, will finally meet long-thought-dead writer and lead of the 2010 psychological thriller, Alan Wake. But how well has Remedy been laying down the foundation for its shared world across its many games?

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mastershredder629d ago

Interesting game. The biggest flaw was borrowing heavily from the X-Files and other completely incorrect hollywood misconceptions about what the FBI does such as the FBI investigating events (other than criminal), hauntings and the paranormal. The FBI does not and never has investigated paranormal beyond federal criminal law. That part makes if REALLY goofy and hard to swallow this story. FBE whatever, any fictional government agency more like CIA or a whacked out section of homeland security (timeline permitting for some) would have been far more realistic.

This game has VERY GOOD storytelling, This just felt told from a perspective that was researched purely from preexisting entertainment fantasy and gets a lot wrong. Interesting game, pretentious and shallow foundation.