PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4) Review - In the Drink | COGconnected

COG writes: PGA Tour 2K21 has hit the links to much excitement from golf aficionados around the world. But is HB Studios’ collaboration with 2K Games the hole-in-one we’ve been hoping for? Read on to find out.

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Nacho_Z1016d ago

The score seems a tad harsh considering how good the gameplay is although there's certainly room for improvement in the presentation.

Could be a great series in the future if handled right.

MeatyUrologist1016d ago

This has bugged me about golf games for the last two gaming generations. Im not graphics whore, but golf, more than any other sports game, calls for a beautiful, realistic game and great presentation. It doesn't have the thrills of team or contact sports, so it is all about the beauty of nature and replicating the visual and physical feedback of man or woman against nature.

On top of that it should be the easiest game to make photorealistic. Honestly, golf games should be the best looking games around and outright laziness is the only excuse for one to look this poor in 2020. They aren't open world, and really only have to render one hole and some surrounding scenery at a time. They don't have huge crowds to worry about or massive interactive objects, no pathfinding or ai for characters, no vehicles to control, nothing. Just make a stunningly, beautiful game that does the courses justice with great physics and swing controls and the game will sell itself.

sprinterboy1016d ago

I feel ya buddy, been playing golf games since links on pc, and I've yet to play a golf game where I can tee off at 7am with a beautiful morning mist across the course or lake with birds tweeting and a real sense of accurate wind etc.

sprinterboy1016d ago

I love the golf club series but I'll continue to play 2019 as I don't see a great improvement from then previous game? Infact it's looks like 2k have just stamped a sticker in it?