Official HD Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Screenshots Released and Features the Crew

While we already have the reveal trailer, WB Games has also released a group of official high-def Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League screenshots.

Steelerman1008d ago

Why would they release screenshots of a CGI trailer???

fdkenzo1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Its not CGI, stop with this nonsense.
Its in engine!
Not in gameplay, in engine cinematic.

cloganart1008d ago

Not even a single shot of gameplay

buffig1008d ago

In engine doesn't even mean it's running totally real time. It just means the engine was used to render it. Hate this whole "in engine" nonsense. It's meaningless

LOGICWINS1008d ago

It better be in-engine if we have to wait until 2022.

LucasRuinedChildhood1008d ago

I pointed out the other day that the trailer looked in-engine and wasn't "just a CGI trailer". Other than looking quite good, CGI trailers simply don't look like the footage we saw. People can be so stubborn though.


There is 100% no chance that was anything but a CGI trailer, we need to be be real here. It's the same old cinematic CGI reveal trailer that's been done to death for years."

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excaliburps1008d ago

Ask WB, but they did. Maybe for articles? Dunno. LOL!

1008d ago
Kabaneri1008d ago

The way it portrayed Superman as evil really gave off some The Boys vibes.

LucasRuinedChildhood1008d ago

It would be cool if he gets a dark personality like Homelander with a good amount of depth for the duration of the campaign that he's being mind-controlled. I doubt that they'll kill him off.

Pughski1008d ago

Do people actually get excited for screenshots of a cinematic trailer?

badz1491008d ago

and tbh, it doesn't even look THAT good. it doesn't even look as good as Spider-man. If THAT was in-engine, is Rocksteady still using their ancient modified engine for this?

RaidenBlack1008d ago

That same ol' highly modified UE3 for Arkham Knight?
Man ... if that's the case, watching this, it seems they modified it even more to the point it barely resembles UE3 and .... can't even be called one 😄 (Same as Valve's Source forked out from idTech)
But it seems more like a modified UE4 (if its in-engine and not CGi)

Positivelypositive 1008d ago

Can't we at least get a decent Superman game before we kill him?

LucasRuinedChildhood1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

I think Superman is a red herring, tbh, and I doubt that they'll actually go through with killing him despite the name of the game. The main mind-controlled villain is probably Batman since this game is set in the Arkham universe.

CorndogBurglar1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

With Brainiac as the villain I'm pretty sure the entire Justice League is being mind controlled.
But with focusing on Superman it kind of feeds off the entire reason they built the Suicide Squad team in the movies. They needed a team they could use in case any heroes ever went rogue.

Which I find funny. None of these guys could even come close to scratching Superman's balls. Unless they get Kryptonite at some point.

RaidenBlack1008d ago

I don't know why everyone wants an open-world Superman. It's pretty tough to bring about.
Why not make a JL game with SuperMan playable in linear closed environments?
A long semi-linear game with each JL member having each their own chapter is a better proposition, right?

shuvam091008d ago

I'm one the few who actually loved roaming around as Superman in the 2006 movie tie-in. While the gameplay wasn't that good, the flight mechanics were awesome. Zooming past buildings felt amazing and I've been left wanting ever since!

RaidenBlack1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Yeah Shuvam,
the thing is that, the "zooming past" part wont be acceptable nowadays.
If a modern Superman is to be designed, then the model is expected to showcase all characteristics of Superman i.e he should blast through all buildings a la Battlefield's levolution.
If the supes' model can't ... expect critics like IGN to put that shortcoming in their cons section of review.

CorndogBurglar1007d ago

I see this brought up a lot. I don't think it would be nearly as hard as people think.

Superman fights villains all the time that give him a run for his money. So they can easily find villains to fight that he's not too overpowered for.

As for his powers. Yeah, Superman COULD fly through buildings. But he doesn't for obvious reasons. When roaming the city you shouldn't be able to just smash through buildings willy nilly. That isn't in his character and it would be weird if they allowed it in a game. If you fly full speed into a building it should just run an animation of him stopping before he hits it.

The only time they should allow level destruction is during boss fights. And they could do that by limiting the fight area, that way you can't just destroy the whole city while fighting Metallo for instance. And there should only be small damage when fighting minions in the streets, like concrete falling off the side of a building if you throw someone into it.

Trust me, there are plenty of devs that could make an incredible Superman game. It comes down to WB/DC not wanting to ever do anything with anyone other than Batman. And now, apparently Suicide Squad.

Hell, I've beem begging for a Mass Effect style Green Lantern game for years.

Games1st1008d ago

Arkham Harley looks so much better.

shuvam091008d ago

They'll definitely have skins for her. So that shouldn't be an issue.

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