Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Will Be 1-4 Player Co-Op, Takes Place in Metropolis

Following the official reveal of Rocksteady’s latest game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, studio boss Sefton Hill has taken to the virtual stage to give us more gameplay info regarding this all-villain ensemble title.

-Foxtrot1017d ago

" If you’re not playing multiplayer with anyone, their spots will be filled with bots"

Urgh. Hype killed.

I hate playing with awful bots, just let me play solo.

What's wrong with a single player focused adventure where we get to swap between them at different parts of the game, you already have Gotham Knights going toward this route why do the game for this aswell. I mean Robin in Gotham Knights teleports, and you have Captain Boomerang doing the exact same thing. Seems samey to me.

_SilverHawk_1017d ago

The game will be gaas just like the new batman game without batman. People keep supporting gaas model so thats where a lot of games are going to be

Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation.

chrisx1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Unfortunately, Gotham knights and SS kill the JL have absolutely lost the plot. Very disappointing. I'd rather go play the Arkham Batman games from last gen again. It's up to PS exclusives again to give us those amazing single player experience.

RaidenBlack1017d ago

They didn't mention GaaS, anywhere ... only optional 4-player co-op.
Dunno, if it'll be offline solo too.
Ideally, the co-op should be a toggle like many other games, where it's upto the user to allow co-op sessions.
2022, so there's a possibility this might get the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade.

excaliburps1016d ago

Gass games when done well are OK. It’s when they’re not that’s the issue. Most of the time, the MTX are tied to cosmetics which is optional. I don’t understand why people are so triggered by cosmetic in games.

Don’t like it, don’t buy it. It doesn’t affect gameplay at all so what’s the issue?

bouzebbal1016d ago

Boycott!! No way I will support an anti consumer product.. I want SP game like we got used to with this studio.. Gotham Knights now this.. Couldn't get any worse

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blackblades1017d ago

Why can't you guys just wait til the game actually comes out then show your hate. Ive been seeing alot of hate against games that no one has even played.

lodossrage1017d ago

Even though you have a point blades, look at it this way, When people see these same trailers and show nothing but love, does anyone say wait until we see gameplay before they fawn over it?

Now the reason for these trailers was to get people talking and get people hyped. The way I see it, if people are ok with calling games "DAY ONE" praising them like the second coming based off of trailers with no gameplay, people can have the opposite opinion as well for the same reason.

-Foxtrot1017d ago

Because we're used to this now, most of us can read between the lines, we're saving ourselves from on.

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n1kki61016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

Then don't play it, there are plenty of single player adventures. These are teams of super heros. Rocksteady can make the game they want and you have a choice whether to buy it or not

porkChop1016d ago

Man, people waited years for these announcements. I'm disappointed. Both Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad look like duds to me.

Lore1016d ago

There’s nothing wrong with offering the choice to play with others, especially in story-driven games. Gaming is a celebration and being able to share experiences with others should be applauded. Although your stance holds an extreme amount of merit and weight when it comes to “execution.” So yes, if they mess up the co-op aspects making them a negative gameplay experience for whatever reason, then yes there’s an issue.

But as of right now, Gotham Knights looked fresh and is 1-2 players, while Suicide Squad (being made by a highly praised and quality-proven developer) is offering choice. We don’t know yet if the bots will be considered “awful” as of yet

I_am_Batman1015d ago

I hope they figure out a good balancing for solo play. Make the bots too weak and they feel like they're standing in the way, make them too strong and you feel like you're being carried and your impact on the game is too small.

The instant character switching sounds like it could be cool, but I would've preferred to play with one character at a time. It's cool to know what Rocksteady is working on, but without gameplay it's hard to get excited.

Homushi1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

you hate playing with bots because historically bots have not been helpful and don't behave optimally. In the near future, we will have games that incorporate "smart NPCs" that understand the player and react accordingly you will be able to talk to them. It's exciting stuff. Also, regarding playing solo and switchin to different character, hopefully we will be able to have the SS all in a party and you can maybe switch to any of them at will kind of like how you switch between batman or some other character like nightwing from the arkham games. Rocksteady has good experience in this regard and should flow smoothly. They know how to do combat. If anyone can make a SS game its Rocksteady. We need to see gameplay before we make a judgement. 2022 is a while away anyway.

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Rachel_Alucard1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

I can already see the battlepass/rotating store a mile away. Only reason to have co-op for this is to show off cosmetics to other players.

Fishy Fingers1016d ago

It's Suicide "Squad", we really acting surprised its squad based?

dRanzer1016d ago

Why why why??? What is wrong with epic campaign and story telling?

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