Crackdown to Ship With 900 Achievement Points

What about the last 100 points? 1UP asked Microsoft.

Instead of shipping with the standard 1000 achievement points, Crackdown, Realtime Worlds cop-meets-superhero shooter, will ship with 900 achievement points. Before you freak out, run around your living room and throw things, it's not because Real Time Worlds or Microsoft are out to deprive you of those precious points.
Instead, Microsoft confirmed to 1UP that the remaining achievement points would be made available for free as a download: "The remaining 100 Gamerscore in 'Crackdown' will be made available for free via a future content update. A number of the title's future Achievements will likely be based on some of the amazing feats executed throughout the streets of Pacific City, as well as the exciting additional content that Realtime Worlds currently has up its sleeve."

No other details on what Realtime Worlds has in store for downloadable content, but some of you may remember a conversation 1UP had with a producer way back in August.

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Havince4912d ago

why not abide to all this bullsh:t in a port above about ALL GAMES being 1000 and the extra content having EXTRA points ???????