How The Last of Us Exemplifies Classical Literature’s Influence on Video Game Storytelling

Amelia discusses how Campbell's Monomyth (a.k.a. "The Hero's Journey") influenced The Last of Us' narrative.

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anast65d ago

This is a great piece. Finally someone gets it. This could be the beginnings of crossing lit. crit. with game review. Some games definitely need this.

DoublejumpAU63d ago

Thanks, anast! The author of this post is planning some more explorations like it — keep your eyes peeled!

anast63d ago

Cool. I got Doublejump on my favs. I also like the Metamorphosis review.

AFKghost65d ago

Ok but the game really wasn't that good.

DonDon300065d ago

Yeah maybe the first game.

DoublejumpAU63d ago

The first game is the one that the writer was referring to. :)

Final_Aeon65d ago

Not applicable for the 2nd game.

DoublejumpAU63d ago

Correct — that's why our writer was only referring to the first one. :)