Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Persona 4’, Self-Acceptance and the “Truth”

Atlus recently ported Persona 4: Golden to Steam, making this 2012 title more accessible than ever.

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jznrpg102d ago

This game needs a full remake (just revamp the combat and it would be a perfect game)

ZeroBlue2102d ago

I'd like to see dungeon redesigns ala Persona 5 as well, rather than just random hallways. Also the qol updates Persona 5 brought, such as pressing square to analyze, such a simple but massive improvement, lol. Would be cool to make the non-party member social links actually matter more as well. But yeah, I'm playing through it now, and it's easy to judge it through a modern lense, but it had to be pretty groundbreaking at release.

notachance102d ago

well it was, i still remember coming off persona 3 which basically had only 1 dungeon with tens of floors and no puzzle (like mementos in p5) to p4 which had different themed dungeon it was like, whoa..