Flight Simulator Pilots Make 16-Hour Flight From LA To Dubai in Real Time

PCGamer: One of the big draws with Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is that it recreates the entire planet to scale. What that means is that, if you want, you can fly from one airport to another in real-time. And few airports are further away in a single trip than LAX and Dubai International Airport. It takes around 16 hours to fly there in the real world, on a seemingly roundabout route that takes you over Canada, the North Pole then down through Europe and into the Middle East

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King_Noctis298d ago

Apparently it is not for those who enjoy it.

Futureshark298d ago

Fair enough, although 16 hours in front of a computer screen watching blue sky and the odd instrument change as the autopilot does it thing isn't personally what I'm after in a gaming experience.
But as you rightly say, each to their own.

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franwex299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

That’s impressive. It truly is. If you are into those games-if you can call them games that is.

I personally do not like these things. Hell, I don’t really like Gran Turismo either. Endurance race? Nah, pass.

But you can’t deny the monumental work that goes into it.

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