Gamespot: Skate It Review

Last year, EA released Skate on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and the game revitalized the skateboarding genre with its unique control scheme and freeform goals. This year, the Wii is finally getting in on the party, and it's got a unique control scheme of its own. If you've ever been tempted to skateboard in your living room only to be thwarted by your lack of half-pipe (or actual skateboarding skills), EA's Skate It for the Wii does an adequate job of re-creating the experience.

The Good:
* Loads of cool tricks
* Interesting re-creations of levels from Skate
* The balance board works well
* Impressive visuals.

The Bad:
* Motion controls aren't precise enough
* Voice-overs are muffled
* Lacks the laid-back vibe of Skate.

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