PS5 Game Retail Boxes Might Now Be Black Instead Of Blue

2K and NBA 2K21 may have revealed that PS5 retail boxes are now black instead of blue. No official announcement has been made by Sony yet.

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RpgSama473d ago

If true, I kinda like it, even though I understand why they would want to keep the blue ones, so they would look like an expanding collection when you add them to your PS4 games.

rainslacker472d ago

Black would match UHD though. Sony tends to match whatever color the current physical media is. PS4 kind of fell in a weird time frame for that though, and obviously never supported UHD. They did black boxes for the PS2, although they were more matte than the UHD cases are.

Profchaos472d ago

I always remember having a mix on PS2 and it seemed to indicate the media used initially at least in Australia blue on DVD games with black on CD games as the cd was still in use in some early games. But later it seemed to indicate art style with GT4 having a white case and San Andreas switching to a black case to suit the cover art

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Teflon02472d ago

PS2 Cases were definitely a Dark blue. The cases weren't even solid coloured either if i remember correct. It's just transparent enough to actually see through. I maybe wrong on that part. But the colour I know I'm definitely 100% on.

But ultimately right. PS1 used CD and used the CD case style. PS2 used the DVD case style, PS3 used the BD style, PS4 still used, and ended up using the colour. Now its UHD which is black. Sounds like it makes the most sense.

to RPG, if the boxes are the same shape, I'm sure they didn't pick the colour for that reason as PS4 and PS3 have red greatest hits boxes which would defeat the purpose

Sgt_Slaughter472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

@Teflon @Bandit are you two in different regions? Because at least in the US the PS2 cases and main consoles were black/really dark grey

Army_of_Darkness471d ago

Next gen begins when they finally decide on the colour of the game case....

Teflon02471d ago

Sgt. no they weren't Actually, I'm in Canada which uses the exact same cases.
They're actually a very dark blue. It's nearly black. But it's not. I can 100% confirm it. I found this out back in highschool when I brought a game to school to loan a friend and noticed the black in the cover art was actually black and the case was blue.

If you saw a grey PS2 case that wasn't legit. Or maybe it's the grey in the blue colour your seeing. Shine a white light on it, and look where there's black. You'll notice it's actually blue

rainslacker471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Yeah, I think that's right. They just appeared black. Not all PS3 cases had the same color though. Outside the red greatest hits one, I think every publisher could have their own color if they wanted. Was kind of rare though, but I have a mostly complete collection of US PS2 games, and there are a few oddballs in there.

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kayoss472d ago

I think PS4 blue cases were to show that they were Blu-ray disks, no?

Teflon02471d ago

No, that makes no sense since PS3 was BluRay, I'm pretty sure it was because Blue is the colour that represents playstation through the PS4 era

kayoss471d ago

Were'nt PS3 game cases were blue too? I just thought they carried that concept over to the ps4.

neutralgamer1992471d ago

PS3 cases were clear see through

Sitdown473d ago

How do they not say PS5 "Game" Retail Boxes? Thought they were talking about the console box.

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Immagaiden473d ago

The black strip does look better than the blue strip

-Foxtrot473d ago

I think it looks better and separates PS5 games from the PS4 line up which are all blue, although blue has become Sony's colour over the years with Green being Microsoft and Red Nintendo.

The_Hooligan472d ago

You are correct about different colors representing the big 3. I just hope Sony continues with having the cover art interchangeable with their first party games. Some of them have very nice art on the flip side. It would be really cool if every 3rd party game would have that but that won't happen.

TheRealTedCruz472d ago

Eh. I liked the blue, personally.

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