Spider-Man 2 receives a remaster mod, overhauling all of its original blurry textures

DSOGaming writes: "Modder Dalek Caan has released a remaster mod for the second Spider-Man game, overhauling all of the game's blurry textures."

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GambleGang472d ago

I love the modding community.

Ilovetheps5472d ago

This was my favorite superhero game until the new Spider-Man game. It's such a fun game and I really hope I get to try it out with some updated graphics someday.

MajorLazer472d ago

Man were Spider Man 1 and Spider Man 2: Enter Electro on the PS1. Loved those games. The new Spiderman is objectively my favourite one, though the originals will always hold a special place in my heart.

LucasRuinedChildhood472d ago

There's still a lot of fun mechanics and depth from Spider-Man 2 that the PS4 game is missing (not a diss, it's a great game). Ultimate Spider-Man is great as well.

Profchaos472d ago

Thank god this wasn't the PC edition of Spiderman 2 what a nightmare that was after a week of playing it at a friend's house on console in the mid 2000s and buying it on PC only to install it on and be greeted by what can only be described as a kid's game in the same box.
Shame we never got a genuine copy of Spiderman 2 on PC

Escamotage472d ago

This was the only Spider-Man game that got the web-swinging physics right. You can feel the web-lines taut from each swing, and whenever there wasn't a web-line you descend naturally.

Every Spider-Man game subsequent made the character float in the air too much between swings. Even in PS4 Spider-Man – the character's able to make turns around city blocks while in the air without a web-line like he was flying.

Master of Unlocking472d ago

Thanks, I guess, but I don't understand how it works, I downloaded a file called WebbedUpV1.1 and unzipped it, but there was no ISO in it, just a dossier called Textures containing a bunch of .dds files... I have that Dolphin emulator installed, but with no ISO file I'm not going anywhere...