1UP: The Last Remnant Review

Square Enix, the company behind The Last Remnant, has a long history of creating epic RPGs. Two of their flagship franchises, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, both succeed at creating deep, user-friendly battle systems while weaving a captivating story. Unfortunately, Remnant does neither.

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TheColbertinator4239d ago

...Shame such a good month of gaming now and then we get something like this.

White-Sharingan4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )


I once looked up to you and now you guys turned into money hungry bastards

after Versus XIII, Dissidia, KH series (and maybe FFXIII if they dont screw it up for OBVIOUS reasons) you guys can kiss my ass

vitz34239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )


Xbox 360 timed exclusive... Somebody had to say it.

I remember last month it was being pimped as 360's big RPG this year... So what now?

cmrbe4239d ago

now its Star Ocean 4. I doubt it would be badly recieve like this one though.

cmrbe4239d ago

there is still hope with Tetsuya Nomura still on board but those talk about tension within Square are sounding more crediable.

When your workforce are not happy. This could be a result.

Akiira4239d ago

so true steven. atleast star ocean 4 and ff13 will be good, and screw all the se haters that think otherwise.

sunnygrg4239d ago

This is what happens when you keep your genius Tetsuya Nomura in hibernation. It will do you no good. I wont be surprised if Nomura actually disses SE and goes off to Sony. He will be welcomed with warm hands.

Millah4239d ago


This is also what happens when you no longer have Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is the sole reason Squaresoft got where they are.

I actually got the Last Remnant and I think its a pretty good game. All these reviews b*tching about tech issues are so overblown its insane. When I installed the game to HDD the issues were not nearly that big of a deal, especially since this is a turn based game. They don't interfere at all with the game.

However, I remember a certain little game called Mass Effect having some terrible engine issues and glitches, with texture pop-in as well, and every single American review site was hugging Bioware testies.

Try games for yourself and make your own decision. GT and GS are the only two who posted reasonable reviews for this game.

Danja4239d ago

wow 1UP finally grows some balls...and actually give a 360 game the score it deserves...*couldn't resist the cheap shot*...

but seriously SE is really doing major damage to there image as once RPG's Kings of the industry.....with studios like Level 5 making better RPG'S than SE..they need to get there sh!t 2gether..or they might just hurt ppl perception of FF13...

even though the hype for the game is kinda withering also...

gaffyh4239d ago

Okay now, D is too low, The Last Remnant isn't a completely crap game, it atleast deserves a C

SL1M DADDY4239d ago

Where-oh-where have you gone Squaresoft?!

kevnb4239d ago

all you people talking bad about se over this. Its a throwaway game currently exclusive to the 360, not the end of square enix. They have always put out a few stinkers every now and then, especially if its on a console that's considered secondary.

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White-Sharingan4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

tsk tsk

sad day, ey bots?

Eiffel4239d ago

You're under the impression this is an exclusive..

Darkiewonder4239d ago

Timed Exclusive.

and it's still an exclusive!

White-Sharingan4239d ago

timed exclusive

allowed for major bragging rights and BS

and now this is the outcome


its like SE saying: here have this fruit first, then you guys brag and then you guys find that its rotten

rotten rotten fruit

tsk tsk

bad day to be a bot

Eiffel4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Even if its a Timed Exclusive does not mean it would do any better than it would on the PS3.

Besides Anime RPG's almost always fail.

The fact you base a review on if its a good game or not is hilarious.
If you had any brains you would try the game yourself, but nah some elses opinion about it is apparently the superior.

This is where Reviews fail.

White-Sharingan4239d ago

the thing is

its not 1 review
its not 2 reviews
its not 3 reviews
its not 4 reviews
but basicall every american review has been the same

that must mean something right? those reviewers dont go on a board meeting and say ok IGN, give it a 5/10 and you 1up give it a D/A

although there are some reviews that are biased, all of them cant be biased. Besides why even waste money on renting the game? I can just wait for the PS3 version and see if they fix anything and if not then I never wasted any money =]

Darkiewonder4239d ago

is it the rpg that's based on an anime that's based on a manga?!

Kleptic4239d ago

and gametrailers gave this game an 8...hahaha, what a terrible website...that place needs to be made illegal...

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she00win994239d ago

even an xbot site gave this game a low rating.

alexM4239d ago

considering the fact that it is coming from 1up - a site that gave Banjo A- , Viva Pinata A, wii music - A- and Resistance 2 B+

Keele4239d ago


GiantEnemyCrab4239d ago

So even though they just proved to you that they don't favor MS games over others you still call them biased?? haha

I think the only way you fishheads would not call them bias is if they gave every PS3 game a 10 and all 360 games 7 and below.

alexM4239d ago

Another flop on flop box

all x360 rpgs have flopped . wonder why

Bladestar4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Mass Effect, Tales of Vasperia, Fable 2 say hello.

And if you actually had some brain you would know that this game is not a xbox 360 RPG game... it's multiplatform.. the problem is that just like any other game... it takes for ever to make on the PS3 do to it's complicated architecture... which explain why Final Fanstasy XIII is being in development for like 5 years for the PS3.. and it will be launch at the sametime as the xbox 360.


@gambare - lol.. funny you are quick to mention that those games are not exclusive... but this one that sucks and will be on the PS3.. all of the sudden is an xbox 360 exclusive... haha!

gambare4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

yeah, my PC is happy to receive them, ok ok... ToV and fable 2 not now but soon.

above: yeah... being directed to the 360 users ruined the whole game... it's a shame. and about the exclusive stuff.... the 360 users thinks every game released for the 360 first is an exclusive except if it flops.

jadenkorri4239d ago

im not sure about Mass Effect, haven't tried it yet, but Tales Of Vasperia is good so far, unfortunate the 20 or so hours i had put into it prior to Fable 2 release was all gone when my 360 RRODed on me, which kinda sucked, yes i know i could of kept the harddrive, store didn't have another, got money back and went to another store,anyways lastly FABLE 2, man did it crap in my face, which im kinda assuming crapped in everyone elses too, Fable 2 was not an rpg making the 360 worth it, the hype got me to buy a 360.. Fable 2 was Fable 1 just upgraded to high definition, the story stayed exactly the same.. The ending, like omg, i was so expecting to climb that huge spire and obliterate tons of enemies on the way, i was looking forward to this final ending, nope, lets be transported right to the final boss, open the stupid wishing box you got at the start, drain his power then shot him in the head, I could of listen to his whole speech, but im not that kinda guy, Bond wouldn't stand a chance against me, anyways so i pulled out my gun and shot him in the head, end game, wow such a disappointing game... I was about to trade it in, when a friend with fingers crossed said there might me dlc, which im praying to god there is...

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