Dark Psychological Thriller Martha Is Dead confirmed for 2021 launch on Xbox Series X and PC

Neil writes: "Deep, dark and utterly harrowing, Martha is Dead has now been confirmed for an Xbox Series X and PC launch in 2021."

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Fantangoooo196d ago

Wow first a for ps5,then a switch to XSX. Hmm I wonder what’s the story here 🧐🧐

Tedakin196d ago

Either MS paid them, or something about the console's power made it more favorable to run their game.

195d ago
sho0ok_2196d ago

Developer said on Twitter they never announced it for any console previously. Do you have a link?

Fantangoooo195d ago

Yes you are indeed right,... It wasnt announced for any console as per the Developer.. so why did people think it was on ps5?

lonewolfjedi196d ago

That’s not a good strategy

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lelo2play196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I'm curious about the game.