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Games Asylum: "Norman's Great Illusion is a pixel art visual novel with overtly political themes. The developers bill it as an attempt to talk about people who 'allow the coming to power of forces that have diametrically opposed their principles and goals'. That's a lofty ambition."

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Orpheo59d ago

Why is PS Vita a tag here? I don't see it in the Vita store.

NonShinyGoose58d ago

It's definitely on the UK store. Showing as £3.99.

Orpheo57d ago

It is not in the PlayStation Vita Store, via the Vita itself, in the U.S. It is viewable in the PS Vita Store via the web, but there is no way of buying it, only adding it to a wishlist. I've tried checking to see if the game is cross-buy with the PS4 version but nothing about that is mentioned anywhere within PlayStation's official store. It's only $5 but I don't want to waste the money on a version of the game I don't want; I'll keep looking into it.

Orpheo56d ago

Update: As I couldn't find anything about whether or not the game is cross-buy in the U.S., I took a chance and spent the $5 on the PS4 version. This game is not cross-buy, so I have to try phoning tomorrow for a refund. :(