360 pad to receive new bells and whistles?

The Xbox 360 controller could be heading for an upgrade with new bells and whistles after Immersion Technologies showed off its new rumble feature.

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The BS Police6190d ago

This may very well be an awesome feature in 360 games. Wouldn't mind some moe info though!

OutLaw6190d ago

Something like this could be good for games like Fight Night. When a jab would be soft compared to a Haymaker on the rumble feel.

Sphinx6190d ago

I like the sound of improved rumbling! I love the way the force-feedback draws you into the game and lets you know when you're hit and when trouble is coming... with these new features I can definitely see where ti could draw you even further into the game! I'd much rather have that than the ability to wave my controller around.

TheMART6190d ago

The next NO RUMBLE blow to the Sony delaystation.

Damn that must hurt

THELANDSOFSAND6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

aww, i thought they were going to put some bells and whistles on the pad. that would have been nice. It would make more noise when I throw it as Sony fans.

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