Race Pro - 6 New Videos

Here are 6 new videos showing some WTCC, Caterham, GT Pro and F3000 racing action. Also we get a first look at the menu interaction. Race Pro is set for release some time in January of 2009, so we expect to see some well worth content coming through now. Take a look below.

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Beg For Mercy4245d ago

this that game thats suppose to look better than gt5p or gt5 yeah ok dont make me laugh

PirateThom4245d ago

I'd like to see some HD videos, before judging, but based on what I have seen, it's not even Forza level.

Speed-Racer4245d ago

Whoever said that was an idiot. I doubt SimBin could have made a claim like that. The only game that could compare to GT5 is Ferrari Project...otherwise, no others stand a chance.

Firstkn1ghT4244d ago

Actually this game is about what counts most and that is gameplay. GT is about pretty mountains.

krakdol4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

@Firstknight : yeah, that's why professional drivers train with Gran Turismo, that's because it has pretty mountains.

Marcello4244d ago

Well the way i heard/read it, they were boasting how the driving physics were gonna be totally lifelike, sorry but i dont see it in those vids. Like Thom said Forza looks better than this game.

NMC20074244d ago

Nobody said anything of the sort except probably a stupid ass journalist making wild accusations or a stupid ass fanboy.

It find it to be appalling that people who aren't the devs can cause a ****storm of problems for the dev, like that whole deal about Killzone 1 being a Halo killer, devs didn't say that **** some dumbass journalist did and people thought the dev said it and that turned into what I am sure was a ****ing nightmare for those devs, with all these people now expecting a "Halo Killer" because some big mouthed ***hat spewed that nonsense to get hits or some ****.

So, short answer is no, nobody said that as far as I know.


Remember, Killzone was killed by stupidity.


Speed-Racer4244d ago

The game is more about the racing than the graphics if u ask me

Marcello4244d ago

Steady m8 but i am sure i saw it mentioned in an actual dev released trailer a while

AAACE54244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

They could have at least thought of a better name! This game seems like it's already dead in the water. I guess the sequel will be called "Car driver" or something plain like that. There are enough racing games out... why not get some good platformers or something else?

NO! This is definately not the game with better graphics than GT5. Everything about this game is cheap in my opinion! It will probably be part of the holiday bundle for 2009!

I would be extremely shocked if this game was good and got a score over a 7.5.

JasonXE4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Who the hell said that? It easily beats gt5p and whatever Polyphony Digital will ever come out with in simulation. /end. Gt5p is for arcade racers, i rather wheels.

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green4245d ago

Already have it pre-ordered.We have not had a good sim since Forza 2, and symbian have always delivered with good PC racers, no need to believe this will be any different.

Firstkn1ghT4244d ago

This game is going to give Forza 2 a run for its money for best sim. GT concentrates on great graphics like nice background mountains. I'm all about gameplay and Forza 2 has spot on sim gameplay. But Race Pro looks like another classic sim. As my man Green above me said, Symbian have always been known for perfect auto sims.

InMyOpinion4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

This game has nothing on Forza 2. It looks dated as hell, from the graphics to the gameplay. A more fitting comparison would be TOCA 2.

krakdol4244d ago

GT is by far the number 1 racing sim. Even Forza 2 is far away not only in graphics but also in simulation.

Those videos are not even Forza 2 quality...

Firstkn1ghT4244d ago

Once again. GT is not a real sim. It's more of an arcade sim. Arcade tweaks but not realistic like Forza 2. And I never played Race Pro but I heard that they are one of the original masters of true sims on the PC so I might give it a try since I'm a gearhead.

InMyOpinion4244d ago

Old McCrappy had a farm Why-oh-why-oh-why

And on that farm he had boring games Oh-no-oh-no-oh-no

With a sloppy graphics here and a sh!tty handling there

Here a sloppy there a sh!tty everywhere a low budget-budget

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