When should you give up on a game?

PCGamer: "What's your breaking point? When do you get so frustrated with a game that you just uninstall it and forget it ever existed? I'm not even thinking about ragequits, I'm thinking of the slow disappointment that happens when you realise you're wasting your time with a game."

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King_Noctis69d ago

Recently I'd say Dragon Ball Z Kai. The final arc in the game differ so much from the anime (and in some way much worse) that it was beginning to feel like a waste of time to try and complete the game.

Knightofelemia69d ago

When you done everything possible to do in the game and DLC stops being supported for the game or if the game is a giant pile of crap and not even worth finishing.

isarai69d ago

When it's just not fun anymore, and you just don't see that changing as you progress.

Levii_9269d ago

Pretty much this .. or if it gets very repetitive or too frustrating for you.

Gamerking8268d ago

Exactly this. I mean I done the same on bloodboune and dark souls . Not saying they are bad games, but defo not for me at all .way too frustrating . I get some people like this , but me I like my controllers in one piece also .

isarai68d ago

LMAO yeah, i buy like every souls like, but i've never beaten any of them🤣 i like the challenge, but it always get to a point of frustration and i just stop playing after that🤷‍♂️

Seraphim68d ago

while I definitely agree I would add that once this inevitable time arrives, that sometimes taking a break and playing another game/s for 2-8 weeks is often a good solution. If you go back and it's still not doing it for you. Yeah, maybe it's just time to call it quits. But I definitely agree. I play games because I enjoy them. Once that enjoyment stops and the game becomes a burden, a pointless grind, whatever the case may be it's time to step aside. regardless of how much time you put into the game it was time you enjoyed and there's no point in continuing simply because you have time invested into it.

Gamist2dot069d ago

For me, I call it quits when the game cheats, breaks immersion, buggy, boringly repetitive, or multiple fetch quests. Example? Far Cry 5. Don't recall the game being buggy and I really wanted to like it, but that game is repetitive, cheats, and breaks immersion.

Magatsuhi69d ago

If talking about ff14, I would say when you realize endgame is heavily dependent on others. You can try finding a static but if you don't want to do that you're stuck with randoms who are 90% trash.

phoenixwing68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

i might recommend astellia to you. you can use ai pets to play the game solo or with others if you choose. I just bought it and am downloading as we speak. steam has it on sale for half off and it's a one time payment or if you don't want to commit they have a monthly version too.

edit: although the story isn't going to be in the same league as ff

Magatsuhi68d ago

Might give it a try, I'm quite picky with mmos. The story shouldn't be a problem since I skipped 90% of it on 14 lol.

phoenixwing68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

i've read the cash shop is horrendous but if you buy the one time payment version all the stuff is only cosmetic in the cash shop because you get the extra inventory for buying it

also go through steam it uses a special navigation where you don't have to deal with a separate account and it just uses your steam account

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