Microsoft Hints Halo 3 for PC, Again?

With MS' relaunched GFW initiative, one would wonder where Microsoft is planning to go with their PC gaming business after launching the upcoming Games for Windows - LIVE marketplace.

A clue might just have appeared right under MS' nose...

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badz1494244d ago

who didn't see this is coming? Gears2 will follow suit right after somewhere next year! oh...not to forget, Fable2.

kittoo4244d ago

And dare I say, Gears of war 2 will come to PCs too, howsoever they may deny. Only games which are sure not to come on PCs are Sony games. Otherwise, even MGSs and FFs land on PC, although very very late.
Also, Halo wars will come to PCs too.....may be ported by some other studio, it will come to PCs.

Panthers4244d ago

I hope you are right. I really want to play Halo Wars.

DeadlyFire4243d ago

It will be ported likely by the new studio which will take Ensemble's place. Why a new studio instead of just keeping Ensemble and moving staff around I don't know.

Kush_Reaper4244d ago

So basically all the high profile 360 games are actually multiplatform since they could/will end up on the PC. Well theres that theory.


nutcrackr4244d ago

MS employee on a website was stating there was no interest in bringing Halo 3 because Halo 2 sales were so poor, why they were poor seems to be of no concern (vista only what a joke)

I hope this ad is more than xbox advertising int he windows client.

caladbolg7774244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

... that I've never purchased an XBOX360. All noteworthy exclusives are ported to PC. Invest the money that you would put in to the 360 in to a great graphics card, and SHAZAM!

Gears of War II and Fable II (PC Versions) on the way? All your DLC and add-on content are belong to us.

-GametimeUK-4243d ago

does a year later matter?
does time make a game less great?


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The story is too old to be commented.