Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Gets First Artwork

Today Treyarch revealed the first artwork of the upcoming Call of Duty game which is now officially titled Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

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Profchaos237d ago

I like it. Very cool gives me hope that we may finally experience the story from both sides instead of the typical cod story which always paints the other side as the enemy this time they might be humanized on both sides

InUrFoxHole237d ago

Ummm. Because the other side is wrong my dude. Thats why they die

TheColbertinator237d ago

Politicians and ruling classes sending young men to kill and die to protect their wealth and power. In the end that's the "only side" that is truth.

iggsta3o5236d ago

What wealth and power politicians protecting through Vietnam? Is there oil there? Who new coffee was worth fighting for

TheColbertinator236d ago (Edited 236d ago )


Read up on French Indochina first. The trade routes by sea there connect two vast oceans with massive potential through the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Then resources :


In the 20th century the French empire made a killing in the rubber Indochina trade. The automobile became the vehicle of the 20th century and Michelin became an empire alongside the French. Add in the 60s heroin trade if you want.

France, Japan, the US and even China have all tried to restrain Vietnam and failed. Trade routes, strategic position, natural resources and increasing industrialization have all made Vietnam a location that many in power have sent others to die in and for.

kitano1947236d ago

here we go, another year another cod. looking forward to seeing the tears from the same people who preorder it only to find out half the games locked behind a paywall and the content is actually from the previous game

236d ago
King_Tone236d ago

Is it weird that I don't want another COD rn?

Razmiran236d ago

Because you are burnt out (Or not interested) or because you like the current one?
Either way, no its not weird