Microsoft Flight Simulator Visuals Are Stunningly Realistic So The Glitches And Bugs Are Hilarious

Virtual pilots are encountering some strange and funny visuals in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Tedakin837d ago

A guy I know was streaming last night and we saw a bus driving on a rooftop and it jumped off and fell. Was funny.

Godmars290836d ago

What excuse does this game has for having bugs?

phoenixwing836d ago

@godmars almost all games have bugs some are small and not noticed while others are big and glaring. MFS renders a whole world using google maps you should cut them a little slack when there's so few bugs. Which the only major one i've even heard of is one that makes a building bigger than it should be.

rlow1836d ago

@phoenixwing, I agree it's a huge undertaking and it's an incredible achievement. But you made one small mistake. It's Bing Maps, Not Google maps. But I agree, these guys are being negative. I actually think it's cool to have some funky glitches.

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King_Noctis836d ago

The game recreate the entire planet? Hell, even a small open world game have bugs. And we are talking a planet-sized game here.

If you think you can do better than Asobo, I recommend you joining them and give them your expertise.

Tedakin836d ago

New groundbreaking technology.... It's literally the entire planet. I don't think people understand that.

anubusgold836d ago

My friend streamed on steam my small home town airport and flew over my city it was so trippy this town is only 15k people and the game rendered it perfectly almost some buildings where missing put all the roads and buildings where there. The only thing that was glaringly wrong is the Mississippi river bridge wasn't rendered correctly the bridge was there but it didn't have the metal cage over it like the real bridge.

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Gunstar75836d ago

If you even need to ask why, then you're stupid. Sorry, but true.

Godmars290836d ago

Consider it a general complaint that the gaming community accepts bugs. Yet it has.

NeoGamer232836d ago

I agree. Too many games are shipping incomplete.

But, this game is doing a lot that no game or sim has done before, so you can expect a certain amount of issues. Nothing so far seems to be about the core gameplay. More on how they are interpreting the data they have for the planet. That can be understood given that there are literally billions of buildings all around the world and re-interpreting them into 90GB of texture data will have issues.

medman836d ago

You live in Mississippi? You poor bastard. My condolences to the common ignorance that infested your habitat long ago.

JackBNimble836d ago

What game doesn't have any bugs?

Ridiculous expectations to think that games will be bug free.

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Psychotica836d ago

It seems to have issues with suspension bridges. If you fly to Boston, the Tobin bridge which is the largest in the city and has multiple decks is covered in bushes. Maybe because the bridge is green in real life the game interpreted it as vegetation? Really odd..

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