Sega will "aggressively" focus on PC ports after Steam strength during lockdown

Strong sales of Persona 4: Golden port will lead to more Sega catalogue titles on PC

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GameBoyColor72d ago

It only makes sense. I expect to finally see the hd definitive version of p3 by the end of the year.

ZeroBlue271d ago

I hope so, coming up on the end of Golden, would be nice to revist P3, as I've barely scratched the surface in past emulator playthroughs. Probably wishful thinking, but would be cool to see the first 2 remastered as well, as I know almost nothing about them.

whitbyfox72d ago

Request no. 12,364: bring Persona 4 Golden to current/next gen consoles please.

SegaGamer72d ago

Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours and Persona 5 are my top picks.

Olly_S72d ago

Just give me Sonic 2 and a couch co-op option and I'm yours for life.

Teflon0271d ago

I'm pretty sure Sonic 2 allows 2 player on steam lol. Unless I misunderstood what you mean

curtain_swoosh71d ago

sonic 3 + knuckles co-op would be neat

Teflon0271d ago

Yes, definitely need to bring over Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours.

P5 I definitely ain't complaining about either. I still haven't played through royal for backlog reasons. If I can get a PC version instead. I'm not complaining

Teflon0272d ago

I'm even surprised by how well it did. But I was one who bought on day one. Despite it coming out of no where. Loved the game on Vita. Hopefully they'll bring a version of Persona 3 that's a mix between combat from P3P, female and male protag, as well as the complete 3d game like FES etc. Basically the version where you get the best of everything, no compromise

GoodGuy0972d ago

Yes bring over all the persona titles. Keep em alive

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The story is too old to be commented.