Chrono Cross Was Released In ’99 And It Still Can’t Legally Be Purchased In Europe

Chrono Cross is still not available to purchase in Europe, even though it was released over twenty years ago.

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enkiduxiv95d ago

That’s a shame. It’s one of the best games ever.

Army_of_Darkness94d ago

Yeah great game and Amazing original sound track!

Nerdmaster94d ago

If you ignore the battle theme...

Knightofelemia95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Shame people are missing out on a good game for the PS1 you'd have to buy disc version now. Where I live in Canada Sony took all the PS1 games off the PS3 store. But 20 years after its release and still not for sale in Europe like come on WTF is SquareEnix smoking to miss out on the sales from the fans who enjoyed Chrono Trigger both young and old a like. And then developers bitch because the game did poorly in sales of course it will if you don't port the game to an area of the world.

curtain_swoosh94d ago

if u own a ps3, create an american account and purchase it online. thats how i got it.