Shadow of the Tomb Raider's ending is a reference to the original

A framed drawing seen in Shadow of the Tomb Raider pays homage to the first Tomb Raider game.

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AriesBear59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

The first in the reboot trilogy is still the best in the trilogy. Rise and Shadow are beautiful games, but it just felt it was missing soul. I love tomb raider but of all the games tomb raider 4 the last revalation is still the best in my opinion. That needs a remake.

gamer780459d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed the new ones, but totally agree with the soul of who Lara was, definitely would love to see a next gen reboot that goes back to its roots with Over the top action varied locales and storylines with a supporting cast. Oh and bring back the shorts, can’t believe they never did

SamPao59d ago

I actually liked Rise the most.
Then the first and then shadow.
Shadow had the best puzzles and exploration though. But the story was weird.

The first had a certain "rawness" that is very appealing so I understand why its very popular.

Knightofelemia59d ago

I hated the ending to Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Gamist2dot059d ago

They need to do something about the supporting characters in both Rise and Shadow. Both felt annoying and pointless.