When a game asks you to 'Press Any Key,' which key do you press?

PC Gamer: Space? Enter? A random key? Or are you a maverick who daringly clicks the mouse button instead?

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morganfell306d ago

I press X, O, Square, or Triangle.

enkiduxiv304d ago

This guy knows his audience, I’ll give him that.

NovusTerminus306d ago

On controller: Yes
On Keyboard: Yes, I just slam my hand on my controller or keyboard.

rainslacker306d ago

Wonder when the day will come when people will not remember the keyboard, and wonder what a key is.

phoenixwing305d ago

It'll stay around if only for coders

sprinterboy305d ago

Console wise, whatever it asks me, so normally X, but it's sometimes options button or O.
Back in PC days 90s, I used space bar or enter

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The story is too old to be commented.