Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5: Which Console is Best For You?

Microsoft and Sony have been promoting their brand, their consoles, and the games that will come with it over the past few months. Some people have been won over by Sony, while some have been leaning more towards Microsoft’s interesting new directive. With that said, which console is the best one for you, as a gamer? Let’s talk about that.

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darthv72475d ago

Im a hardware nut so both are best for me. The SX to play my existing library of XB/360/XBO games as well as new SX games to come. And the PS5 to play my library of PS4 (and hopefully previous PS games) as well as the killer PS5 titles on the 'horizon' (wink wink). Dont care about the price at this point.... bring on the new hardware and controllers. I'm planning on spreading my $$ around equally.

PeaSFor474d ago

Ps5 with my pc, i dont need the xbox at all, but maybe if they get exclusive games down the line that its impossible to play on pc

outsider1624474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

What was your first console? Do you collect them? Keep them in the same living room?

My first console was nintendo then sega and then it was playstation. But everyone of those consoles were busted some way or the other.(fall, lightning etc)
It was only the ps3 that i sold off to get the ps4.

OT- PlayStation 5 obviously for me.

Shadowolf474d ago

Im showing my age with this, however, my first system was Coleco Vision. It was so awesome!

nirwanda474d ago

Same as shadowwolf, I had ladybird, smerfs and zaxxon

LoveSpuds474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I recall the excitement ment of my dad giving me his Atari 2600 for my bedroom when I was around 10 years old and I couldn't believe my luck.....that was until I saw what my dad had bought to replace it, the Commodore 64, I could barely believe what I was seeing 😂

I inherited that C64 a few years later and upgraded that to the Amiga which to this day, is still my favourite gaming system. Sadly, I don't have either of these anymore....... I gave them away to relatives when I upgraded to a PC and PS1 in my early 20s.

I don't have my PS1 or SNES anymore, but I do currently have a PS2, PS3 and PS4 along with a WiiU a Switch and a PC all hooked up to my TV. I recently sold the XB1 because it hadn't been switched on it more than 2 years and a friend needed to replace her son's Xbox which had broken.

darthv72474d ago

my first console was pong and then it just went up from there. The first one I bought with my own $$ was the Sega Genesis in 89.

Patrick2474d ago

Its actually nice to see that there are quite a few older gamers in here. I started gaming on Atari 2600 and colecovision before jumping to the NES in the late 80s. Never owned a super nes, but one day in 1996 I went to a friends house and he was playing this thing called a Sony play station that he had rented from Blockbuster video. I looked at that grey flip top console and it was love at first sight and I have been a playstation fan ever since. I own an nes, a sega genesis, a N64, a gamecube, a wii, a switch, an original xbox, a ps one, a ps2, 3 ps3's and 4 ps4s (one for each member of my family) and a PSVR.
I will be buying 2 ps5's at launch and 2 more shortly after. Will also buy psvr 2 when it releases. The future of playstation gaming is bright and U R not (red) E.

potedude473d ago

Sega Master System for me. Alex Kidd for the win!!!

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gamer7804474d ago

fair enough, but we still don't know a lot of crucial info about these consoles, specifically around costs, of the console itself and the storage costs. games are going to be huge and 1tb is not even close to being enough.

Knightofelemia474d ago

PS5 then Series X down the road that's how I always worked with an Xbox I skipped most of the 360 because it was an easy bake oven and a disc carver. I skipped the og Xbox and just stuck with Game Cube and PS2 I recently snagged an og Xbox for $10 and there are some impressive games for it.

darthv72474d ago

There are so many great og xbox games that have not been ported. That is how a few of my friends did it. They were mostly PS2 players but they got the xbox years later and were impressed with how well many of its games still hold up today.

UnSelf474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Havent touched an Xbox One all gen. Might have to do it again next gen.

A great Crackdown 3 was all I wanted smh

neutralgamer1992474d ago

PS5 first and maybe only because with kids and works there is barely enough time for one console. I would like to get XSX later for gamepass

CaptainHenry916474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I will be going with PC/PS5 next generation. No reason to get an Xbox at the moment

rlow1474d ago

I'm aiming for both. I'm really hoping for some good back and forth competition between the two. Plus with the faster hard drives I really want something that surprises me this generation. Hopefully we won't have to wait to long.

CaptainObvious878474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Yup, same. PS5 all day.

I am open to getting an xsx down the line, but that would require MS to release quality AAA exclusives on a consistent basis and to show signs they will continue that support through the entire generation.

After MS's past history and Phil's constant lies and their focus on gamepass I won't hold my breath.

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