PlayStation 3 Concepts that Never Made It

A short compilation of whacky PlayStation 3 concepts that never made it.

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U know i like the third picture more than the final product.But the circle controller was so LAME.... :/


the ball controller? lol thats funny looking one i know my friends would have a field day make fun of that and the boomerang one, personally i would take the one thats in the picture of the article i like that one the most then the grill

Rhythmattic5235d ago

Imagine PSN's High Velocity Bowling with the ball controller.... He he..

coolfool5235d ago

I actually liked the boomerang, mainly because it looked more modern so suits the console better. The current design has been used since the playstation 1 so in the gaming world that's ancient architecture.

SL1M DADDY5235d ago

That third picture is slick! That truly would have been awesome to have that slick looking console nect to my entertainment center. I love the PS3 design as it is but that pic would have been a very acceptable console.

jtucker785235d ago

You guys are all wrong.
The third, fourth and fifth pictures are prototypes of the PS4 code-named "casual"

It will come out in a couple more years, but the technology will have only have advanced one year on from the PS3 (1.5x PS3)
It will cost $100 dollars to manufacture but will sell for $250 and it will come with a headband controller that supposedly works off your brain waves, but in real life doesn't actually work as well as the advertising lets you believe.
You'll end up controlling it by raising and lowering your eyebrows.

BUT two and a half years after it's released Sony will release the "headband plus" peripheral that will ACTUALLY read your brain waves.

Although all the major 3rd party developers will leave Sony because the machine is 4ss and they want to create "next" gen games on the other systems. Don't worry! Sony will support the PS4 "casual" releasing all its big name games with cartoony graphics in the first one and a half years. Even though there will be shortage of games after that there will be a few third parties that also offer games with cartoon graphics, but - hey - the system will have more mini game compilations than you could ever dream of!!!

SL1M DADDY5235d ago

Hmmmm... All of that sounds so familiar... Just can't put my finger on it though... ;-)

shovelbum5235d ago

Like the boomerang but the ball is just odd and looks completely nonfunctional in terms of gameplay.

Homicide5235d ago

The ball controller looks pretty uncomfortable to play with.

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rko_kero5235d ago

These were fan made. All except the boomerang.

IzKyD13315235d ago

lol, im probably one of the ten people in the world who actually wanted the boomerang controller over the current design

austere5235d ago

I wouldn't of mind playing with the boomerang controller. Might of felt good with the big curve on it. Guess I'll never know. I like the controller they have always used anyway tho. Really I can't think of a controller that I have not liked except for the d-pad on the 360 controller. Everything is fine.

ShinMaster5235d ago

I like my DS3 the way it is. It's been the perfect controller for me since the PS1.

lento5235d ago

3/10 here... it was pretty crazy how everyone (well almost everyone) shunned it so soon... it could of been amazing, guess we'll never know

Mhassan5235d ago

i agree with you man..i also wanted to check out the boomerang controller. Dunno but it looks really wicked..IMO though..

pixelsword5235d ago

...and it would've been perfect for driving games.

TapiocaMilkTea5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

I HAD a boomerang controller for the PS2, the blue one by logitech or something. Pretty comfortable to use, too bad PS3 didn't use it.

I think they intended to make a new controller for PS3 but ran out of time since they don't want Xbox360 stealing all their market share.

Captain_Sony5235d ago

They intended to ship the boomerang controller until Nintendo unvieled the Wii and they had to start all over from scratch. Quickest thing they could do was use the old controller and add the parts they wanted for MS(motion sensing). Had Nintendo never shown the Wii remote and gotten such a huge response, Sixaxis would have never seen the light of day.

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cayal5235d ago

That looked so weird.

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CloudsEnd5235d ago

i actually liked the boomerang..

Timesplitter145235d ago

I wish one day they'll make a special collector's edition booomerang controller. I would totally buy that!


The pad is lame, i thik sony should never change the ps3 pad.It should forever remain the same.

cmrbe5235d ago

to fit our hands comfortably then thats it for me.

TapiocaMilkTea5235d ago

@above: awesome idea, I think you should put a patent on it. A controller that can take on any shape, you can sue Sony later when they start using it for PS4.