Nintendo Rejected Tony Hawk's Game Pitch, Talks How He Ended With Activision & Neversoft

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk talks about the time he pitched his game to Nintendo and he got rejected, and how he ended in Activision's corner.

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CBaoth263d ago

Hey Activision since you've discovered this brand new concept of remaking old games as a considerable revenue stream...AND...since you've gotten all cozy with From Software recently, could I politely suggest a new Nightmare Creatures? One of the earliest Souls games could be a very successful reboot in the right hands next gen.

monkey602263d ago

I wish they were actually reading your suggestion

bouzebbal263d ago

Wow that's a game I completly forgot about.. I remember the game disc in ps1 was blue. Evergrace was also a cool FromSoft cool IP

rockwhynot263d ago

NC 1 was scary. I loved the move bloody ballerina! And the cheat codes like the one that let you skip to the final boss was lit.