Epic’s Battle With Apple and Google Actually Dates Back to Pac-Man

From Bloomberg: "Epic Games Inc. is out to prove it’s worthy of its name. It’s in a massive fight with Apple Inc. and Google over the 30% cut that both companies take from game revenues on their platforms. Epic contends that the fee is both outdated and unfair. The revenue split has its roots in 1980s Japan and the era of chunky cartridges and primitive consoles. Now it’s being questioned by game makers such as Epic across the global developer community."

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Thatgrammar72d ago

I am a little baffled at the news that Epic Games is upset with Apple and Google for their 30% cut of purchases on their store, while they don’t seem to mind it on Playstation and Xbox. Maybe I am wrong, but last I checked Sony and Microsoft charge that same 30% for purchases made on their stores and so do physical stores like Best Buy or Gamestop. Why is it okay on the consoles and not the phones?

demonseye72d ago

you are pretty much correct. the only difference would be sony sold the ps4 at the start for a net loss of around 60 dollars. so i geuss they did give some of it back to the players knowing they would earn the money back on the store and there own games, and the 60 a year for playing online. now apple sells you there products for an insane price. and the ps is specifically made for games. apple has a bunch of other apps it takes there money from aswell.
microsoft i geus can be said they didnt sell it for a loss. but they are aimed towards games only.
end of the line everyone is in it to make money and thats what its about there are subtle differences in tactics and some are more consumer friendly than others. apple is defintly on the bottom line of all this though.

VertexArts72d ago

While it's obvious that Epic Games just pursue their own financial goals, this still might have a nice impact for all other developers. Perhaps lower revenue cuts? At least the idea of beeing able to publish our games outside of the App Stores is a little dream. Unbelievable that it once was reality.