Spiritfarer Review - IGN

IGN says, "Spiritfarer’s gorgeous mix of an action-platformer and an Animal Crossing-style town manager is a journey worth savoring."

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Rocosaurus342d ago

Available through gamepass.

342d ago
King_Noctis342d ago

This game is really great. I urge people to try it out.

Outlawzz342d ago

Well thanks for that info I wouldn't have found out otherwise lol I was going to purchase on switch but may as well get it on gamepass since I already have a subscription.

Jerlemar342d ago

What's up with the downvotes? It's on Game Pass. That's a fact.

King_Noctis342d ago

It’s N4G. What did you expect dude?

Jerlemar342d ago


Oh, I'm not surprised, but I'll continue to point out how illogical the majority of N4G users are in an effort to maybe get some people to be better.

Bruh342d ago

But but its on Gamepass, the lead arm chair game designers on N4G told me anything on Xbox Gamepass is just shovelware trash?

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Gamerking82339d ago

Tried this on game pass last night had to delete it as not my cup of tea at all. But those that like it enjoy.