WB Montreal's game teaser has been solved, and it suggests Batgirl will take centre stage

The WB Montreal teaser bread trail has led DC fans to Batgirl's comic book debut a.k.a. Cassandra Cain.

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Sonyslave3833d ago

Yup so lady Shiva might be in this game

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toxic-inferno832d ago

Wait, am I missing something? Where does Cassandra Cain come into this? The issue referred to is the debut of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. I can't see any reference to Cassandra Cain at all.

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FullmetalRoyale833d ago

I would love that. I really loved Origins, so I'm sure any single player game that they make will be great. I would love a huge Batgirl game. I'd love to play as Dick Grayson as a main character as well.

bouzebbal833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Yes, Origins was cool!! Got so much unjustified hate from trash media.
Even had a cool multiplayer

This looks like a batgirl comic book... Not for me

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Donnie81833d ago

It’s hard telling with this game. Over the years they have hinted at the whole bat family. So I wouldn’t be shocked if you play as all of them vs the court of owls . Sounds amazing!!!’

wwinterj832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

The teaser shows Batman, Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing icons. We play as them all it seems. This headline is misleading.

Donnie81832d ago

Either way it sounds good to me

TheKingKratos833d ago

Batman will still be the main hero of the game and most likely play as him most of the game since he was the one to bring down the court of owls
but you might as well play with the rest of the bat family

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