Hyper Scape Needs A Lot Of Work / thatHITBOX - Review

Hyper Scape is an anomaly of sorts, sandwiched between the heroic abilities of Apex Legends, and the aesthetic of a trippy Watch Dogs side quest. As a battle royale, it’s bringing plenty of novel ideas to the table; a seize the crown win mechanic, more generous respawning, and even active participation for eliminated squad mates. So why does it all feel a bit naff?

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Father__Merrin63d ago

its less finished than when fortnite or apex legends launch. vsync doesnt even work. it needs patching but a street to street play style doesnt suit it

JTGA62d ago

The city street setting is actually one of its few redeeming qualities for me! But you're right, there's a huge amount of work to be done.

isa_scout63d ago

This game is bad. How a FPS Battle Royale released by a giant publisher could have such attrocious aiming is beyond me. I

JTGA62d ago

This is the part that, honestly, completely baffles me. It's really strange.