How Final Fantasy XVI can do the impossible and please its pickiest fans

Final Fantasy XVI is going to face a lot of scrutiny. While FF7R probably slaked the thirst of RPG fans, players went into the game knowing what they were getting. Now, Square Enix has the impossible task of trying to please players and critics

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Jiub160d ago

I just want them to have a good protagonist and combat. Preferably someone that doesn't look like they're in a boy band

Longie_long160d ago

Haha, yeah the J-Pop crew had me tripping.

Rebel_Scum160d ago

To add to your requests, a good story too. And please for the love of god ditch the boy band look haha.

_Decadent_Descent147d ago

Agreed. I want an adult as the main protagonist with a mature/dark narrative.

Atom666160d ago

Just a complete (and coherent) story would please me. After 15 and now 7R, I'm confident in the gameplay mechanics generally. I just don't want to feel like we need a movie, an anime, and a bunch of dlc to get a full story again.

gamer7804160d ago

agreed, 15 is probably my least favorite final fantasy...

FinalFantasyFanatic159d ago

That's been a major weak point of the franchise in the last decade, I'm indifferent to the combat in FF7R, but good story/characters would really sell me on the franchise again.

iQuasar159d ago

Hell yes, agreed. I think that is what killed the FF15 experience was all the supposed extra media content that was required to get the full experience. Bad move. Hopefully they take that as a Final Fantasy Movie learning experience.

olorin818160d ago

So author asked for the open world to be dialed back but also wants:
Flying an airship
Chocobo racing
Mounted combat

I am all for open world personally, not sure airship can work in FF12 or Dragon Quest 11 style of world design

DethWish160d ago

Dont wanna spoil too much but there is a flying vehicle you get access to later in DQXI. It works great

Sirk7x160d ago

FFXV wasn't even really that much of open world. So many areas were completely gated off. The problem was the side quests sucked, and there wasn't much to do. Witcher 3 did quests and storytelling throughout an open world just fine.

lucian229159d ago

Um have you never played final fantasy or jrpgs before? Openworld jrpgs were always like that. You never got full access to map till end game.

FinalFantasyFanatic159d ago

I feel like alot of other games just do open worlds better than FFXV, BotW and Horizon Zero Dawn are both great examples, as I feel like I'm always discovering things. Whereas FFXV felt like an almost empty mass to me.

Relientk77160d ago

I just want it high/medieval fantasy like Final Fantasy 9 and the old school ones.

Jiub160d ago

FF9 had such a cool art style and atmosphere. It'd be really interesting if they brought that kind of concept back.

Sirk7x160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Also one of the darkest stories in any FF game, which many have overlooked due to the art style.

ifrit_caress160d ago

That can't be too difficult. Look at what the fans like about previous Final Fantasy games and bravely default to them.

Personally, I do prefer more fantasy than science fiction.

iQuasar159d ago

I mean it is in the title.

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