Capcom's Canceled Games "Timeless" and "Ghouls n' Ghost" Surface

Here's our first look at some of Capcom's canceled games, Ghost n' Ghouls and Timeless, which were in early development back in 2016 - 2017.

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darthv7270d ago

An updated, more mature reboot of Maximo is long overdue.

Nitrowolf270d ago

Heck yeah! I remember playing that one on the ps2

bouzebbal70d ago

Oh man!! I want a new Maximo so bad

69d ago
thesoftware73070d ago


When I first moved into my own place in 2002-2003 maximo is the only game I had for my ps2 at the time..I played it to death and me and my son still have fond memories of it and wanted a sequel.

I kind of remember them talking sequel but nothing ever came of it..oh the disappointment.

70d ago
FreeckyCake69d ago

Even when I interviewed Jonathan Casco, he seemed excited to go back and work on a continuation of Maximo.
I'll have to disagree with a reboot tho as the third game was meant to be the last one in the series in which Maximo was finally going to save Sophia from a religious cult that was menacing a city called Mashaad.

xxShadow-Shockxx69d ago

I loved that game, I would love to see an updated version or sequel

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xTonyMontana70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Damn, Ghouls n Ghosts would have been hype, I was hooked on that game as a kid.

specialguest70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

It would've been a down anyway. Taking the classic 2d side scroller and making it 3d means it's a totally different game in GnG skin.

If it was 2.5D game, hell yeah bring it!

sprinterboy70d ago

Tbh going off the pictures, I'm glad they cancelled, both games looked meh from the pictures?

Smitty202070d ago

I still play on my sega n this game is always my first play

adamwparker69d ago

We already have modern Ghouls n Ghosts.

It's called Dark Souls...

Fluttershy7769d ago

Ghouls and Ghost is a freaking classic, I learn how to beat it on Mame (I can even speedrun it), and the whole point was to do it also on an actual arcade machine but.... haven't seen one in a while.
The last two G&G games we got are for iOS (I haven't play them but I can tell they suck)... I was hoping to actually see a true G&G for the new console gen...
I agree that a true G&G must be 2D... but idk, as long a they stay true to the original, maybe...
Meh Whatever: is canceled.

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Retroman70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Ghost n Ghouls would have been fantastic with modern day PS5 graphics.

thesoftware73070d ago

Deep down should make a return on PS5 as a new GnG!!

The games were already brutally difficult, so a darker theme would fit if some correctly.

Imortus_san70d ago

How would it be a return if it never even got released.

rebeljoe1470d ago

The devs probably could even beat the first stage to unlock the rest of the game so they just canceled it

Einhander197170d ago

Yes still have Maximo on ps2, ultimate ghouls and ghosts psp as well.

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