Prince of Persia - Hero trailer

Ubisoft published a new Prince of Persia trailer featuring the hero of the game. Enjoy.

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ablecain4239d ago

I'm growing more and more interested in this game every day, but I'm still a bit skeptical because it just doesn't seem to have the variety of environments and that magical aura that Sands of Time had. Still, it looks interesting and I just might pick it up with the money I'll have after selling some other games. I've been extremely disappointed by pretty much every game released this year (other than MGS4).

Mikelarry4239d ago

with you. to me its the voice actor for the prince the voice actor just doesnt sound right. im still gonna get this game as im a very big fan of the pop series.

Serjikal_Strike4239d ago

It looks like a winner to me... i think im sold on buying this title!