Resident Evil 5 Delayed Until 2008

According to the latest japanse magazine Famitsu for this week, Resident Evil 5 has been delayed until 2008.

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PS360PCROCKS5255d ago

is it just me or wasn't this announced a long time ago?

FordGTGuy5255d ago

We have known about this since before Xbox 360 even released. This should have never been approved.

geachy5255d ago

Ya it was announced

and resi4 is the best game ever made on gamecube

Grown Folks Talk5255d ago

it doesn't take him a year to turn like in RE4.

Arsenic135255d ago

I post gold , this guy posts sh1t, GUESS WHO GETS APPROVED !?

eclipsegryph5255d ago

No need to whine about it, mate. It's not like it matters who posts, as long as the information gets passed.

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The story is too old to be commented.