Luigi's Mansion 3 and More First-Party Switch Games Are on Sale

Save 17% off Switch games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Luigi's Mansion 3, and more.

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FallenAngel198470d ago

“Heads up, Switch owners: a bunch of Nintendo-published games are on sale for 17% off. Considering Switch games rarely get the discount treatment, it's a good time to pick up any titles you've been holding off on.“

This doesn’t do much for me. It doesn’t excite me to be able to pay $50 for titles that used to be $60, especially when many of these titles have been available for multiple years.

NecrumOddBoy70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is excellent but I agree this sale is ridiculously stupid

Neonridr69d ago

cheaper is cheaper at the end of the day. While I agree with what you are saying, Nintendo needs to follow Sony more when it comes to their Nintendo Selects line.

DarkZane70d ago

This sale is trash. Only 17% off? Don't make me laugh. The excuse of their games selling well so they don't need to do sales is bull. GTA V sold 130 millions copies, is the most profitable product in all form of entertainment and media of all times (which means music, movies, books, games) and it's constantly on sale. Nintendo has no excuse for those trash sales.

NotoriousWhiz70d ago

I would love for there to be more Nintendo games on sale, but the "if GTA V can do it, so can anyone else" argument doesn't quite sit well with me.

Snookies1270d ago

Yep, they are trash sales. Nintendo is just horribly greedy, and they have been for ages. I love my Switch, but hardly ever buy new games for it because I refuse to pay so much for multi-year old games. There is not even one reasonable excuse they can give as to why they don't drop their prices.

Neonridr69d ago

yet these full priced games continue to sell. So clearly it's not that much of a barrier to people who want to play the games.

Sciurus_vulgaris70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

17% off isn’t too impressive of a sale. Some of the games on sale are over a year old. Other game companies (including Sony and Microsoft) have sales of 20-50% + off and their games have permanent price drops.