Fetch new movies, shows, and music off the XBLM

Major Nelson just posted a list of what content will be coming to the XBLM this week. It looks like we've only got one movie (Hunt for Red October), but a few good television shows.

TNA: Impact - Season 1 and 4 episodes from season 2.
Pros v. Joes - Season 2 and episode 1 for FREE now through 2/5.
The Sarah Silverman Program - Series premiere FREE 2/2 through 2/5.
ER - Seasons 1 and 2

Hunt for Red October (SD)

Artist of the Month - Good Charlotte
"Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" music video
"Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" behind the scenes

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Boink5718d ago

when the **** is it coming to canada???!!!

DC RID3R5718d ago

if you can't wait bro , just set up a gamertag (silver) with a u.s account!