Celebrity Xbox Avatars

By now, you've been assimilated into the "New Xbox Experience." By now, your 360 console has strong armed you into customizing a small and rubbery online avatar. By now, you've discovered how the limited options for facial features, hairstyles and especially clothes make this doppelganger process a disappointment and frustration.

So here's an idea. Instead of building a half-assed copy of yourself, why not build a half-assed copy of your favorite celebrity? Why bore everyone with Bearded Sunglasses Dude #57 or Green Shirt Wearing Gal #124 when you can terrify everyone with a Frankenstein version of Mario, Lara Croft, Chuck Norris or Sarah Palin?

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Fallen_Angel4245d ago

think you'll see more of these as time goes by I bet some companies will even make avatars of there video games. most likely to either sell or part of a special edition or something

GWAVE4245d ago

Celebrity avatars got old 2 years ago (i.e when the Wii came out and everyone went goo-goo over every Hitler and Michael Jackson Mii).

Xi4245d ago

I assume you'll say the same thing about celeb mii's in home?

TheColbertinator4245d ago

Miis and avatars are different.Avatars are much more serious like the ones in Second Life.Different icons for different purposes especially since Miis are used in Nintendo games but yet Avatars in both Home and NXE have yet to be used for real gaming implementation.

JOLLY14245d ago

I just played bomberman with mine last night. I guess that isn't a real game.

Kyur4ThePain4245d ago

Home? Who the hell said anything about Home?
Why is it so hard to stay on topic?
The moment someone doesn't like something, they're automatically from the "other camp", aren't they...

That is pretty cool, considering how little you have to work with.

TheColbertinator4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )


Meaning adding them as characters to their own game just like how Miis go on a full game like Mario Kart Wii.When avatars go on a large game like the next Rare title I may see avatars in NXE really take a step forward

Oops I almost forgot about this handsome fella lol

JOLLY14245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

1vs100 doesn't count either? Does bowling count for home?

Bnet3434245d ago

I heard in Kingdom for Keflings (new game that came out wednesday) you use your avatar as a playable character as well as more games to come.

JOLLY14245d ago

I haven't downloaded it yet, so I have no idea what it is about.

NaiNaiNai4245d ago

that kings game is actually fun, its like a sim city, black & white 2, kinda game, i didn't want to stop playing the demo, it was actually enjoyable.

TheColbertinator4245d ago


Like I give a rats ass about Home.But you should get my point by now.If not whatever since it seems Nasim pulled your strings to the level of paranoia already

Thank you for your time.

Tarasque4245d ago

@Steven Colbert
"Like I give a rats ass about Home.But you should get my point by now.If not whatever since it seems Nasim pulled your strings to the level of paranoia already"

That's his way of saying you won and i have nothing else to say, so i will make a retarded comment then at the end make a smart remark.

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Omega44245d ago

Thats really impressive considering the limited selection of options so far

One can only imagine what others will do when more outfits and options are released, got i feeling MS might even try and create its own version of the Mii Contest channel

yoshiroaka4245d ago

That mario looks creepy....=(

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