Microsoft Xbox Series X's AMD Architecture Deep Dive at Hot Chips 2020

Jarred writes: "Today at Hot Chips 2020, Microsoft will detail more of the internals of the Xbox Series X system architecture. Much of the information in the pre-published presentation covers details we already knew, but with the new slides in hand, there are some additional juicy morsels inside, including a diagram of the processor die. We have the full slide deck at the end of this article, but let's quickly hit a few of the highlights."

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Evan_Beezy529d ago

XSX no unified CPU cache confirmed

Profchaos529d ago

So forgive my ignorance but I can see they have a dedicated l3 cache in place.

Evan_Beezy528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Actually now that I revisit this image you cant really tell if the L3 for sure is split or unified however it definitely appears on the surface to be split, i.e. not zen 3

ProjectVulcan528d ago

It's Zen 2 design as stated on the slides.

The CPU cache is definitely not unified. It's split pools for each 4 core cluster, clear as day on the die shot.

As predicted and expected CPU cache is also massively cut down over a desktop Ryzen part. 4MB x 2 for 8MB level 3 cache, an 8 core 3800x for example has 32MB of L3 cache.

This would suggest again as I have said elsewhere, it is a Renoir mobile design used which makes sense. Renoir 8 core mobile parts have 8MB of L3 cache.

529d ago
ElementX529d ago

Q: Says Zen 2 is server class, but you use L3 mobile class? A: Yeah our caches are different, but I won't say any more, that's more AMD.

aaronaton529d ago ShowReplies(1)
anast529d ago

But will it play Halo?

hyperfire21528d ago

I'm gonna take a wild guess that its a yes

883528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Give it time ;-)...