PETA Wishes Us Happy Thanksgiving with 'Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals'

Heather of Infinite Bits writes: PETA wants to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving, and they're doing it in classic PETA style--with an over-the-top, logically flawed attempt at sensationalism. This time they've created a surprisingly entertaining little flash game which lampoons Majesco's Cooking Mama game series for including meat in Mama's virtual recipes.

Here's the thing, PETA--people already think you're an organization of nutjobs, and this ain't helping. Yeah, it sucks that in order to have a delicious, moist, savory turkey dinner with all the trimmings (sorry, drool) a poor birdie has to die, but from what I've heard it can't suck any more than how tofurkey is supposed to taste. And I somehow think Majesco's videogame franchise might not be the driving force behind our carnivorous lifestyle.

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Lucreto4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Eating Vegetables is murder.

Ever hear a carrot scream or an onion howling as it is slowly sliced and diced.

I have and it is truly terrifying.